Troubleshooting and Programming

Troubleshooting and Programming

How to Quick Reset your Standing Desk

  1. Press and continue holding the DOWN button until the desk reaches its lowest height, then rises slightly. Now release the DOWN button.
  2. If the desk doesn't start to move after pressing the DOWN button, release the DOWN button and try again.
  3. You may need to hold the DOWN button for 15 - 30 seconds before the desk starts to move.
  4. If the desk didn't move or the display is still showing an error code, please perform the Full Desk Reset procedure listed below.

Full Desk Reset

  1. Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.
  2. Completely discharge the control box by holding the DOWN button for 10 seconds.
  3. Disconnect the power cord and control pad from the control box, then firmly plug them back in to ensure a good connection.
  4. Disconnect both leg cables from the control box.
  5. Switch the leg cables and reconnect so that they are now in the opposite ports.
  6. Important - verify that you've secured the control box to the desk frame to prevent the anti-collision system from being triggered. Movement of the control box can trigger the anti-collision system, therefore it is important for this component to be mounted securely to the desk.
  7. Ensure that all of the cable connections are firmly inserted into the control box.
  8. Plug the power cord of the desk back into an electrical outlet.
  9. Perform the Quick Reset procedure described above.
  10. Your desk should be working properly now.
  11. At this point if your desk is not operating normally, please contact us for additional assistance.

Keypad displays Error Code ASF or RST

This code is indicating that the desk requires a reset. Try the basic/quick reset procedure described above, this will usually fix the issue.

Keypad displays Error Code E08 or E07

This code is indicating that there is a problem communicating with one of the legs. Follow the Full Desk Reset procedure above. When completed, if the error code is gone, then your desk should be operating normally. If the code changes to the opposite number, please contact us.

Keypad appears dead with no lights

  1. Confirm that the keypad cord is firmly connected to the control box.
  2. Check that the control box power cord is connected to an electrical outlet.

Are there any other items connected to the same electrical outlet? Verify that the other items are working when connected to the same outlet. If yes, then you know there’s most likely power. If power is present, your control box may need to be replaced. Please contact us for assistance.

How to lock / unlock stand desk controls (loc code displayed in handset led)

1. Press and hold the “Up” and “Down” button for 5 seconds, the handset will lock and should flash.

2. Press and hold the “Up” and “Down” button for 5 seconds, the handset will be unlocked and display current height.

Desk appears slanted to one side

If your desk is a manual or single motor model, check that the drive shaft running from leg 1 to leg 2 is not broken. If you are in the process of assembling a manual or single motor desk, ensure that both legs are at the minimum height before installing the driveshaft.

For electric two and three-motor models, please start with the Quick Reset procedure listed above. The reset procedure will re-level the desk if it has gone out of alignment. Double check that you do not have any objects under the desk that can interfere with it reaching its lowest position. Check all around the desk and verify that it is not in contact with any other objects.

How to save Preset Heights on your Keypad

To save a preset height, first get the desk to a comfortable sitting or standing position. Press the "M" button and then press the number you want to associate this height with. Repeat this sequence for your other desired heights.

Empire Desk- Switching between Single-Touch and Press-and-Hold modes

  1. Press and hold the "M" button for 3 seconds. The handset should display "S---", now release the "M" button.
  2. Press the "M" button again, the code "1Un" should now appear.
  3. Press the "Up” or "Down” button until the display shows code "8Hc”, then press the "M" button again.
  4. The display should now show "001” or "002"
    Code “001”: This option enables you to press-and-hold the "Up" or "Down" button for the desk to remain in motion.
    Code “002”: This option enables you to press the"Up" or "Down" button once and release. The desk will remain in motion until a button is clicked again.
  5. Use the “Up”/”Down” buttons to select which mode you prefer (001 or 002).
  6. Press the "M" button again to save and exit. Wait for 2 seconds and the current height should be displayed on the keypad again.